March 22, 2019

Please Read

Please Read our full T&C So you fully understand our conditions before you hire us.

When hiring ZLAB you have fully read our T&C and agree to them as they are.
1. When you hire us you will be asked to pay small deposit this deposit is non refundable if you change your mind, this is due to the fact that we have already started your work and spnt some time doing it.
2. When you buy server from us it's montly contract this means that each month it is your responsibility to keep track of payment due date.( we will send you invoice either 10 days before due date or on same day as due date ) this will be set by request of the client.
3. Please note that all payments must be made no later then 6pm on due date. You will recieve 2 reminders on the day, after 6 pm you will recieve final reminder asking you to make payment and you will be given 24 hour grace period. This means by 6PM following day if the payment is still not made your server will be terminated. If you wish your services to be reinstated you will be charged reconection fee of £35 on top of the money you owe. So please understand it is very important that you make payment on due date to avoid extra charges.
4. If you owe ZLAB money we will keep your template as well as any backups we have till payment is made.
5. Once your website server shuts down we reserve the right to redirect your website and it's traffic to any other website or our advertisers as we wish till payment issues are resolved.
6. We will how ever give you more time to make payment in special circumstances, this can be... Family related issues, Gone on Holiday and you let us know in advance, Lost job, Invloved in some sort of accident and any other unseen issues you might face as long as you let us know we will try and work with you best we can to resolve the issues.

ZLAB Has many clients and works with many company's please note that on some occasions it might take us few days to respond to your request.



We resorve the right to cancell contract at any time if we find you abusing our servers in illegal way, This means using our server for drop calling, hosting adult material and anything else that falls in this category. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED AND YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO POLICE

ZLAB is part of XEEX TEAM if you wish to design or promotre your website your self with minimal skills then please visit

Due to safety concirns and privacy by Social Networks ZLAB only uses Fleeped Social Network Fleeped is family safe and has Anti Bullying Scripts in place for more info please visit